Sam L. Martin Middle School



    Martin’s school counseling program is delivered through a guidance curriculum, responsive services, system support, and individual student planning. Delivering a guidance curriculum means classroom lessons are developed and provided to support student growth in career, academic, and personal/ social development.

    Responsive services refer to counselors responding to the immediate needs of the students. This may involve having a mediation between students,  providing support during a crisis, or being there for a student who has a pressing issue and needs to talk to an adult immediately. Counselors also have one-on-one sessions with students (up to four times, then may have a conference with parent about next steps) and organizing group counseling sessions.  The group sessions would include students who need more instruction and support in certain areas, such as: responsible decision making, being respectful, being a good leader, being a good friend and having self-control. We cover topics that need to be addressed as needed.  Another responsive service counselors provide is referring students and families to community agencies when needed.

    Additionally, Martin counselors provide system support, which establish, maintain and enhance our students’ and school’s success. We set up conferences with staff and parents as needed, have consultations with mental health professionals and community social service agencies, help with data gathering and interpretation for parents and students, attend professional counseling conferences and participate in district and school committee functions and events.

    Martin counselors assist students in their individual academic planning. We help with students choosing their classes for the next academic year and help them understand what the various classes consist of. We host the feeder high schools so students can prepare for the next year if they are in eighth grade. We introduce different careers and what would be suitable for each student through our COIN inventory, given to seventh and eighth graders every year. Sixth graders receive information on different careers in the workplace. Additionally, we help organize a career fair every year and invite businesses from our community and colleges. Counselors assist in parent education and training in regard to transition, that is, when students are changing from middle school to high school and elementary to middle school. We organize a showcase for our incoming sixth graders to provide a glimpse of middle school life. We assist in monitoring attendance and help problem-solve  in order to get to the cause of why a student is missing school. Then we help provide interventions and support to improve a student’s attendance.

    These are the four domains in which counselors work and help ensure the success of children at Martin. Of course, it takes a village to support our students and parent support is essential for a child’s emotional, academic and social growth. We appreciate your phone calls, requests for teacher conferences when needed, and calls to check student grades. We are here to support and help you in any way we can. Please feel free to contact A. Creary at (512) 841-6219, or J. Sandoval at (512) 414-6771. We are here to serve you.

Ms. Creary is the counselor for all 6th Graders & 7th Graders (A-Man).
Ms. Sandoval is the counselor for 7th Graders (Mar-Z) & all 8th Graders.