Sam L. Martin Middle School

Martin Middle School 6th Grade Science Class Wins 2021 Eco-Audit Award

When a 6th grade science class comes together to improve their local environment, good things happen.

This week, we are #AISDProud of Mr. Steven Morris and his 6th grade science class at Martin Middle School who won the 2021 Eco-Audit award from EcoRise. The award will grant the school $320 for environmental improvements. 

The company EcoRise inspires young leaders to learn and create a sustainable future for generations to come. Awards are given out to schools that create a positive environmental impact that benefits the school and local community.

Mr. Morris's class received the Eco-Audit award for their project “Reducing Plastic" which reduces the use of plastic water bottles on the campus of Martin Middle School.

“Martin Middle School is now in the eyes of our community and the district because of this award,” Morris said. “The grant gives us the opportunity to continue to work hard to beautify our community, learn about sustainability and have the students take that knowledge to their families.”

The funds will allow students to purchase metal water bottles for 6th-grade students to implement their waste campaign to divert 147 pounds of plastic waste from the landfill, encourage the use of metal water bottles, and reduce the carbon footprint on campus by 225 pounds each year. 

“We are looking forward to seeing their progress with implementing their plan and how the school embraces these positive changes,” said EcoRise Program Manager Asomgyee Pamoja.

For more information on EcoRise, you can visit