Sam L. Martin Middle School


Martin Middle School’s counseling program is delivered through four component model that is closely aligned with the ASCA’s National Model. The four components include guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning and system support. Below is a more detailed overview on how we implement each.
Deliverance of the guidance curriculum includes classroom, advisory and lessons designed for assembly purposes that focus on self-confidence, motivation to achieve, decision-making, problem solving, goal setting communication skills, responsible behavior and interpersonal effectiveness. Lessons are delivered throughout the school year. Our responsibilities within this component encompasses guidance, consultation, program implementation and facilitation.
The Responsive Services component is purposed as being preventative and intervention driven. Within responsive services Martin Middle School’s counselors refer to the immediate needs of the students. Responsive services address the academic concerns, absences & truancy, misbehavior, school avoidance, relationship concerns, grief/loss, substance abuse, family issues, coping mechanisms and suicide preventions. Responsibilities include a mixture of consultation, counseling, coordination and referral, while maintaining professional standards.
Martin’s Individual Planning assists students in monitoring and understanding their own development. This is done through student planning and goal setting. We address the areas of education, career and social-personal. We assist students with the acquisition of skills, awareness of educational opportunities, utilization of test scores, potential career opportunities, positive work habits, development of healthy self-concepts and the development of adaptive and adjustive social behavior. Within this component we also strive to assist with all of the above with the proper match of mentors available. We also encourage participation in the annual college and career fairs, parent meetings, high school and middle school showcases.
One of our most important components is System Support. We all know that it takes a village to support students. System Support includes program and staff support activities and services. This may be addressed through parent education, teacher/administrator consultation, professional development for educators, campus improvement planning, counselor professional development, research, community outreach and public relations.
Kristel Sans, Counselor
7th Grade and 6th A-K
Awaiting New Counselor
8th Grade and 6th L-Z
All counseling issues can be referred to Kristel Sans or call the main line at (512) 414-3243


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Vida Clinc

Vida Clinic specializes in the development and implementation of School-based Mental Health Clinics. (SMHCs) We offer therapeutic services and programs that support the wellness and enrichment of families and school staff. Our intention is to increase mental health awareness in schools and open up access to high-quality mental health services to anyone in the school community who needs them. Our approach recognizes the multiple systems impacting child development, and we provide clinical services that promote overall mental health and wellness. Furthermore, Vida Clinic operates from a trauma-informed framework of care, which considers how exposure to adverse events may impact the development of a young person.

Vida Clinic School Mental Health Centers are:

  • Person-centered
  • Trauma-informed
  • Outcomes-driven
  • Evidenced-based
  • Easily accessible
  • Confidential
Please talk with the school counselor to initiate the Vida referral process for on-campus therapy.