Sam L. Martin Middle School


Martin’s PTA currently has a full slate of officers and is projecting plans to increase parent participation in their child’s school. When parents are involved in their child’s education, their children perform better in school and the school’s quality increases.

Martin's 2019-2020 PTA Officers are:

Rocio Gasca, President

Maria Alvarez, Vice-President

Vincent Tovar, Secretary

Terry Caballero, Treasurer

Emily Sawyer, Parlamentarian 

The PTA provides the opportunity to meet and talk with other parents who have the same goals as you. PTA provides the opportunity to serve, to volunteer, and to contribute to the welfare of all children.

Studies show that when parents are involved in a child's education:

  • Students achieve more.
  • Students have higher grades and test scores, better attendance, and complete homework more consistently.
  • Students exhibit more positive attitudes and behaviors.

PTA is a local, self-governing unit which promotes the purposes, policies and guiding prinicples of the Texas branch of the National PTA. Local PTAs plan program and activities to meet needs of children and youth in the community.
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